About me

Sam Zhang is a software engineer living in Boulder, Colorado.

I enjoy reading technical books written for "enthusiastic beginners", especially around math. I also like well-written books about computer science and programming. Recommend me a book!

I'm open to contracting work or consulting work. You can look through my Github and resume.

Formerly, I was a software engineer at OpenCounter, building cutting edge tools for city governments such as this use code search engine. I was also one of the first engineers at the DC office at Pivotal Labs, where I anchored several large projects to success, especially in the areas of data science tools, Python, and web scraping.

Before that, I rapid prototyped search and index tools to uncover human trafficking on the Internet for Memex, a DARPA project to advance the state of the art of web scrapers and search engines.

I worked with Enroll America to model uninsuredness and Obamacare outreach at the national level as an Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellow. I talk about this briefly with "fellow fellow" Peter Landwehr on WBEZ TechShift. I also shared air-time on NPR Marketplace with Matt Conway's pie.

I went to a gloomy college in Swarthmore, PA where I studied under miraculously good professors and learned to love the library.