About Sam Zhang
my email is shimian dot my last name at gmail.com
Pronouns: he/him.

I am a PhD candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Data Science and Human Rights Fellow with the Human Rights Data Analysis Group. My advisor is Aaron Clauset. I was a summer research intern with the Computational Social Science group at Microsoft Research NYC in 2021 and 2022.

My research is highly interdisciplinary, where I combine mathematics with my experience as a software engineer to study problems in the social sciences, particularly around structural inequalities in science. I also love making mathematical visualizations, many of which are on display on the website.

I was a 2014 Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellow at the University of Chicago (now at CMU), and a lead project scoper for the 2020 Solve for Good Summer. Additionally, prior to my PhD, I worked as a professional software engineer at the consultancy formerly known as Pivotal Labs and the Code for America startup OpenCounter. I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Psychology from Swarthmore College in 2014.

I am proud to be organizing for the future of public higher education in Colorado with our wall-to-wall university labor union, United Campus Workers - CWA Local 7799. My other hobbies include taking my long dog on adventures, and as of late, biking.

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